10 Non-Toxic Men’s Colognes for a Green Father’s Day

10 Non-Toxic Men's Colognes for a Green Father's Day

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I am a firm believer that smell is very important to a relationship. If your partner stinks, it isn’t likely that things are going to get very romantic. It isn’t surprising that I feel this way because a recent study suggests that fertile women have a heightened sense of smell when it comes to male pheromones, especially during the latter part of their menstrual cycle. So number one on my list of Father’s Day presents for my husband is a nice-smelling cologne. However, I don’t want my gift to make him sick, which is exactly what can happen with conventional colognes and perfumes.

According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, men’s personal care products usually contains chemicals that can lead to cancer, chronic health problems and impaired male reproductive health. Cologne can be even more dangerous because not only is it absorbed through the skin but it is also inhaled when sprayed. Diethyl phthalate (DEP), for example, is a common component of men’s fragrance and has been linked to sperm damage in men, abnormal reproductive development in babies, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. DEP has been found in men’s cologne products such as Calvin Klein Eternity for Men, Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce, and Old Spice After Hours Body Spray.

My husband is a fantastic dad. He takes the baby in the mornings and lets me sleep in for an extra 30 minutes or so. He reads to my son for hours every week, mostly books about science and history. He changed more diapers than I did during the first year of my son’s life! His way of looking at it was that I was doing all of the feedings so he should do all of the diaper changes. You gotta love that! So I believe he deserves a natural cologne that won’t damage his sperm or his lifespan.

Here is a list of 10 non-toxic colognes for men (in no particular order). Most of these products have a rating of 2 or less on EWG’s Skin Deep Database (that’s a good thing)! Some of these products are gender-neutral so you might want to get a bottle or two for yourself!

1. Healing-Scents Men’s Natural Aftershave or Cologne – made with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils and gluten-free

2. Yakshi Fragrances Vanilla Roll-On Fragrance – made with coconut oil and vanilla oil (that’s it!)

3. Dancing Dingo Botanical Men’s Cologne – made with essential oils, aloe and glycerin in scents ranging from Coriander & Ginger to Spiced Bourbon Vanilla

4. Just the Goods Vegan Perfume and Aromatherapeutic Oils – a blend of grapeseed and essential oils with fun fragrances with names like Love & Rage and Wild Woods

5. Burt’s Bees Men’s Natural Aftershave – an all-natural lotion that smells as good as it feels. Ingredients include: Water, sunflower oil, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, stearic acid, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, glucose, bergamot oil, lemon oil, orange oil, patchouli oil, petigrain oil, fir oil, rosemary oil, alpha bisabolol, xanthan gum, sucrose stearate, lecithin, sodium borate, tocopherol, rosemary leaf extract, glucose oxidase & lactoperoxidase. This received a 3 on EWG’s Skin Deep Database mostly due to the sodium borate.

6. Dr. Squatch Cologne – a blend of organic jojoba and almond oils with essential oils; comes in Driftwood and Hemlock Trail scents

7. Pour le Monde – Thanks to my readers for this recommendation. Pour le Monde’s Empower Cologne is made for both men and women. The company says that its perfumes are made with 100% natural fragrances, natural grain alcohol and water. Their products are also Natural Products Association (NPA) certified. EWG gives it a rating of 3 because it does not specify what the natural oils are.

8. Herbal Choice Mari Organic Aftershave Cologne Splash for Him – certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free and free from GMOs, gluten, dairy and soy. Ingredients include: purified water, organic vodka, organic sweet orange oil, organic lavender oil, organic cedarwood oil, organic lemongrass oil, organic olive oil, organic bay leaf, organic st johns wort, organic sage, organic calendula flowers, organic ylang ylang oil, organic cinnamon oil.

9. Lurk Natural Fragrances RSW 005 – Made with 100% pure essential oils, resins, absolutes & CO2 extracts infused in certified organic jojoba and pure organic alcohol.

10. Aubrey Organics Men’s Stock North Woods Aftershave – classic pine scent with aloe, pine oil and ginseng extract. Ingredients include: Alcohol denat. (38b, organic lavender), aqua, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) extract, glycerin, organic aloe barbadensis (aloe) leaf juice, pinus sylvestris (pine) oil, panax ginseng (ginseng) extract.

For more options for all-natural cologne for men, see our latest update.

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