How to Green Your Baby Gear

toddler sleeping in car seat

We all have stuff.  Sometimes we have too much stuff.  If you want to be truly green, you should reduce the amount of stuff that you buy.  Every toy, television, and shirt that you buy has to go through an extensive manufacturing and shipping process that introduces a whole host of pollutants into the environment and eventually into your body.  And when you finally decide to dispose of that stuff, it just adds to our ever-growing landfills.  So the next time you make a trip to the mall, think about whether you really need the stuff that you are buying.

When you do need to buy something, try to buy products that are manufactured locally and from natural and organic ingredients.  When you buy local, you reduce pollutants created by shipping, and you support local businesses and communities.  Choosing natural and organic ingredients ensures that things like pesticides and toxic manufacturing by-products aren’t being introduced into the environment.  Because eventually toxic by-products make their way into our air, water and soil.

To find out what kind of toxins may be lurking in the stuff that you buy, check out  They have tested more than 5,000 products to see what kind of chemicals are being used in things like car seats, strollers, toys and clothing.  For example, many car seats contain toxic chemicals such as bromine, chlorine, lead, and other heavy metals, allergens and carcinogens.  These toxins can be found in the cushion, foam backing, base and belt.  It is impossible to tell just by looking which seats are the worst offenders. tested over 130 car seats and rated them compared to all other car seats based on their level of concern associated with the materials in the seat.