Summer Care Tip: 11 Natural Sunburn Remedies

11 Natural Sunburn Remedies |

The first thing I think about when summer approaches is whether I am stocked up on sunscreen. I use plenty of sunscreen on my kids, and I apply it often. I even use California Baby sunscreen in place of my regular face moisturizer. Because I use so much of it, I make sure to use only the safest and most natural brands. Environmental Working Group has a fantastic Sunscreen Guide that provides you with safety information and ratings of the various sunscreens.

Despite my best efforts, sunburns happen. Rather than running out to the store to buy a bottle of conventional sunburn treatment full of toxic additives, I make my own sunburn relief using natural ingredients from the kitchen. Tea, oatmeal, milk, yogurt, cucumbers and vinegar are just some of the natural (and yummy) ways you can treat a sunburn naturally and effectively.

Here are some easy ways to soothe your sunburns:

1. Yogurt – Apply a layer of yogurt to your sunburn. Leave it on for as long as you can (preferably overnight). Rinse and reapply as needed.

2. Aloe vera – Rub 100% aloe vera into the sunburned area. Avoid aloe vera lotions that contain chemical additives that may irritate the skin further. You can create aloe vera ice cubes for sunburn relief using this tutorial.

3. Cucumber – Juice a cucumber and use a spray bottle to mist the juice on the sunburn. Design Sponge has a recipe for a Cooling Cucumber Body Mask.

4. Black tea – Check out this tutorial from The Beauty Department on creating tea compresses for sunburn relief.

5. Green tea – The Greenbacks Gal has a recipe for a sunburn relief spray using green tea, aloe vera juice and lavender essential oil.

6. Witch Hazel – Apply to skin using a spray bottle.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar – Apply to skin using a spray bottle.

8. Baking Soda – Create a paste using baking soda and water and apply to skin.

9. Buttermilk or Whole Milk – Add a 1/2 gallon of buttermilk or whole milk to a warm or cool bath.

10. Oats – Create this Cooling Bath recipe from Martha Stewart.

11. Coconut Oil – Warm solid coconut oil in your hands and apply to sunburn.

In addition to wearing sunscreen, you should try to stay in the shade as much as possible. Wear hats and use sun shelters or umbrellas. Visit our Pinterest Natural Remedies board for more ideas. If you have a particularly bad sunburn, you may want to consult a physician.

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