Shopping Guide – Swim Diapers

If you have a baby and like to go to the pool, you are probably spending a fortune on swim diapers. Even if your baby doesn’t soil them, they are worthless once they get wet. And throwing diapers away isn’t the most eco-friendly choice. Not to mention, those disposable diapers are full of nasty chemicals such as dyes and fragrances that are sitting right next to your baby’s precious skin (see our post about choosing safe diapers).

For a choice that is easier on your baby, the environment and your wallet, try a reusable swim diaper. I love the Kushies swim diaper because you don’t have to pull it off if it gets dirty.

Kushies Reusable Swim Diaper

The Honest Company Swim Diaper

Finis Swim Diaper

i play. Swim Diaper

Imse Vimse Swim Diaper

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