Shopping Guide – Menstrual Products

The vagina (or hoo-ha as my two-year-old calls it) is not a part of the body that should be ignored. In my opinion, if you are going to use a natural product anywhere in or on your body, that should be priority number one. Menstrual cups are absolutely amazing (read more here about why you should choose menstrual cups over tampons and pads). But if tampons or pads are your thing, I have listed some natural options for those as well.

Lunette Menstrual Cup

Made in Finland of the highest medical-grade, FDA approved silicone.

GladRags Moon Cup

The Moon Cup is made in the USA of soft, non-latex, medical grade silicone.

GladRags The Keeper Menstrual Cup

Made with natural gum rubber.

The Diva Cup Menstrual Cup

Made in the USA of 100% silicone.

Diamond Cup

The Diamond Cup is made of soft, non-latex, medical grade silicone.


Blossom Cup

The Blossom Cup is made of FDA-Approved, BPA-Free, German-Imported, Medical-Grade Silicone.

Anigan EvaCup

Made of FDA-approved, medical-grade silicone & color pigments. Manufactured in the USA.


Collapsible menstrual cup made from 100% FDA-approved, medical-grade silicone.

LENA Menstrual Cup

LENA is made in California from 100% US medical-grade silicone and dyes.

Natracare Organic All Cotton Tampons

100% organic cotton, chlorine-free tampons.

ORGANYC 100% Organic Cotton Tampons

Entirely made of 100% biodegradable and compostable organic cotton bleached without chlorine.

Jade and Pearl Sea Pearl Sponge Tampon


Natracare Natural Pads

100% organic cotton natural pads, chlorine-free.

ORGANYC 100% Organic Cotton Pads

Made of 100% biodegradable and compostable organic cotton bleached without chlorine.

GladRags Organic Cotton Undyed Reusable Pads

Lunapads Organic Cotton Reusable Pads & Pantyliners

WillowPads Cloth Feminine Pad

Pink Daisy Organic Cotton Washable Feminine Menstrual Pads

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