Good Deeds #22-25 – Ways to Donate to People in Need

Good Deed - Ways to Donate to People Need |

For my next good deed, I decided to make some more donations to people in need. Rather than write four separate posts about four different ways I have decided to donate, I figured I would combine them all into one.

1. Donate new toys to kids in need.

Believe it or not, my son has a box of toys that are unopened and unused. He isn’t much of toy kid. He’d rather spend his time outside collecting rocks and bugs. So when a well-meaning relative sends him a gift, it goes in a pile to be played with when the mood inspires. And after almost a year, the mood has not inspired him to play with any of them.

We were examining the box yesterday, and my son said, “We should give these toys to kids who don’t have any toys.” I thought that was a fantastic idea. So we loaded the box in the car, and set off to donate the toys to the Ronald McDonald House.

Other options are:

  • Child & Family Services
  • Church Nurseries
  • Salvation Army
  • Children’s Hospitals or the Pediatric Center of a Hospital
  • Women’s Shelters
  • Red Cross

2. Donate to the library.

The library is a fantastic way for under-privileged kids and adults to get access to thousands of fantastic books, movies, music and even games. And my library offers free activities ranging from juggling acts to classes about China. The library closest to me is tiny and in serious need of some upgrading, which is exactly what is happening. They are building a new, amazing library to replace it and they are looking for donations. They created a book wish list on Amazon, and I purchased a book so I could contribute in some small way. You can search Amazon’s Wish Lists to see if the library near you has one. If not, suggest to them that they create one.

3. Donate diapers and toiletries to a women’s shelter.

Women and children who are victims of domestic violence need a safe place to go. And that’s where shelters come in. These shelters desperately need donations of items like toiletries, diapers, toilet paper, towels, sheets and food.

I took all of the disposable diapers that were gifted to me that I never used as well as several purchased items such as shampoo and soap and donated them to my local women’s shelter. Find a women’s shelter near you.

4. Donate used baby toys and clothes.

Now that my daughter is 10 months old, we have some toys and clothes that she has already outgrown (I write this with tears in my eyes)! I took these items to a local organization that works with parents in need in my area.

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