Good Deed #27 – Flowers to Strangers

Good Deed - Give Flowers to Strangers

It has been a while since I have posted about our good deeds, but that doesn’t mean we have stopped doing them! We had a busy summer doing some light homeschooling and a lot of outdoor time. Wherever we go, we try to think of some kind act to do for other people or our planet.

For our next good deed, my son came up with the idea to give flowers to strangers and to friends. He is a plant enthusiast, has his own flower garden and regularly begs to go to local nurseries. So he began picking flowers from his garden to hand out to people we encounter during our day.

So far we have handed out flowers to teachers, family members, cashiers, other kids and parents. The looks of delight on their faces is priceless. Of course, my son just loves the giving part and runs off before he even gets a chance to see the response.

Next time you and your child are heading out to an art class or the grocery store, pick a handful of flowers and bring a little joy to someone’s life!

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