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Baby's Natural Easter Basket: Wood-Burned Eggs

Written by Cindy Young on Mar 26, 2013 | 6 Comments

Wood burned wooden eggs for baby's Easter basket |

Part two of my baby girl's Easter basket consists of solid wood eggs etched with a hand-drawn design using a wood burning pen. This was actually really easy to do!

I purchased the eggs through Amazon, but you can also find them at most craft stores. I wanted to make sure that mine were solid wood, made in the USA and free from harmful varnishes. I knew my daughter would be eager to stick them right in her mouth!

I drew designs on each of the eggs with a pencil. Then, I used my wood-burning pen to burn the designs into the eggs (the pen I used only had one tip but most come with several different points). Many people like to paint the designs next but I chose to leave mine as is. I just love the burnt lines on the light wood! Using a wood burning pen is super easy - you just draw with it! If you press harder and hold it longer, you get a deeper, darker line.

Here are the results of my efforts:

Wood burned wooden eggs for baby's Easter basket - stars |

Wood burned wooden eggs for baby's Easter basket - peacock |

Wood burned wooden eggs for baby's Easter basket - butterfly |

Wood burned wooden eggs for baby's Easter basket - birds |

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, on 2013-03-31 said: REPLY

You are welcome! The wood-burning pens are actually really easy to use. And if you don't feel comfortable creating your own drawing, you can always trace a design onto the egg using transfer paper.

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